A bill that would set minimum staffing levels and require cameras to be installed in assisted living communities in South Carolina, is close to a hearing after being introduced last spring. The cameras would be required at entrances, exits and common areas.

South Carolina House Bill 4145, which would apply to assisted living communities and other residential care facilities, would also require enforced regular checks on the cameras.

During peak hours, communities would be required to have at least one staff member or direct care volunteer for every eight residents. During off-peak hours this requirement would increase to one for every 22 residents 

The bill was originally proposed after a resident wandered out of an assisted living community in December 2019 and fell resulting in head injuries. 

Some, including South Carolina Health Care Association President Randy Lee, said that they oppose cameras being inside long-term care facilities for privacy reasons. Other concerns raised by Randy Lee were regarding the cost of buying, monitoring and maintaining the cameras, which would especially affect smaller providers.

A date is expected to be set soon in order to debate the bill.