...seems to be Emotet...dubbed the World's most dangerous malware, and it's back.

Emotet first surfaced in 2014 when it began to infect systems around the World in the guise of a Trojan. Typically used in a Word document, often disguised as a harmless attachment to an email or even as a link, to break into a person's computer.

As soon as access was gained, it was sold to cybercriminals. These criminals in turn were able to smuggle in their own trojans or ransomware in order to gain access to bank data, resell captured data or extort a ransom for blocked files.

The cyber security challenges for companies doesn't structurally change with Emotet (the same good practice for defence applies as it would for any type of malware) but the level of cybersecurity risk for companies does noticeably increase when this malware family reappears in greater numbers.

What to do if you think Emotet or a similar malware is installed on your computer? 

  1. You should immediately change all the passwords stored on the infected computer, such as those saved within browsers. 
  2. You should then reinstall the operating system to wipe out all traces of the malware.  
  3. Consult a cyber security professional/team or...
  4. ...a good cyber insurance policy will provide access to a breach response panel - the sooner the incident response team of this panel is notified the better.