With the discussion ongoing around companies making COVID-19 vaccinations a requirement Genesis Healthcare have mandated that all staff must have a single dose of the Janssen vaccine or the first dose of a two-dose mRNA vaccine by the 23rd of August, with the second dose being required by September 2022. 

One of the worries that Nursing Homes have is that mandating vaccinations could lead to greater staff shortages in a time where resources are already very thin!

As you will see from the article, data shows that less than 60% of Skilled Nursing Facility workers are vaccinated, compared to around 81% of residents. 

With the Delta variant (among others) taking hold across the US, the need for vaccinations/protections is critical. Keeping everyone safe is obviously a key priority, especially residents who face a much higher risk of severe illness from contracting COVID-19.

Although the world is opening back up, it seems we are still a very long way off of having things fully under control.