We know at Paragon that the people we need to keep happy are our clients! We therefore asked our Solicitor clients to comment on our service and how we can improve it. Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply and we are pleased to share the following results:

Unsurprisingly, premium and service have been rated by all as the most important insurance purchasing factors.

We asked how you rated Paragon for the following factors:      You replied:

  • Quality of service:                                                                 Very good
  • Responsiveness:                                                                  Very good
  • Renewal experience:                                                            Very good
  • Providing of market information:                                           Very good

All who replied agreed that Paragon:

  • Takes the time to understand your business needs
  • Offers relevant and accurate advice
  • Are experts in our sector 

We are pleased to share that everyone who responded to our client survey would recommend Paragon’s services to others.

Can we improve?

We have noted that more information generally about the market and sector would be welcomed by you.

Also, it has been suggested that we help you (particularly those in smaller practices) to connect with your peers to share current trends in business management.

We will certainly look to deliver on these and will keep you updated with our developments.

If we have missed anything, any further feedback is always welcome.