The attached paper, (written for CNA by Joanna L. Storey @ Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP), focuses on some best practice tips for remote appearances.  Whilst we are all becoming much more comfortable with ‘working from home’, this has raised some ethical concerns for attorney’s and this paper helpfully highlights some best practices for mitigating risk during remote appearances.

From an insurance perspective, a Lawyers Professional Liability, Cyber and EPL insurer will also be reassured to know that a firm has a robust risk management policy in place which is regularly communicated firm-wide.

That said the below points will apply to all professional people:

  1. Performing a 360 Degree View of your Space.  Not only will this avoid any embarrassing moments but will protect confidentiality of any client’s secrets that could potential be placed within view of the camera.
  2. Remember to Mute!  We’ve all seen those moments when TV presenters forget that they are still live! 
  3. Screen sharing should only apply to the screen you want to share – NOT your entire desk top.  If you don’t know how to make this happen, ask your IT Support.
  4. Plan for interruptions – we can do our best to keep everyday life out of our ‘home’ office but we are all human and the unexpected loves to happen when you are on a video call with your most important client.  Plan for this scenario in advance and keep calm.
  5. Perform a test run in advance using the technology that’s going to be used on the day.  Don’t get caught out by those last-minute technology glitches that would have been picked up earlier.