Johns Hopkins $205 million jury verdict overturned in Maryland Appeals Court

The largest verdict in US history (twice as large as the previous highest verdict) relating to a birthing claim has been overturned in the Maryland Court of Appeals.

The Plaintiff alleged that she was not accurately informed by the doctors who recommended caesarean section, and opted for a natural birth instead. The lawsuit claimed doctors had told the Plaintiff that the baby would die or be severely brain damaged if she underwent a caesarean section and that she declined a C-section procedure based on the doctors’ recommendations. The baby was born with severe mental and physical disabilities as a result of severe preeclampsia.

According to the ruling, hospital staff warned the Plaintiff that a caesarean section delivery was the best option, but she refused, stating that she would only have a caesarean if her own life was in danger.

At the end of the appeal hearing, it was concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that any material information was withheld or that there was any negligence involved with her treatment.

It is without doubt a very sad and unfortunate case.

Had the verdict not have been overturned, Johns Hopkins said that doctors may refuse to care for Obstetric patients, which would have been disastrous given the expertise and the number of births they assist with each year.

This case also highlights that Maryland is clearly a very tough venue given the medical liability pay-outs are twice the size of the national average.